To empower Indian farmers

  • With timely, relevant and high quality information and services by leveraging mobile phone.
  • To improve informed decision making by farmers which could result in reduction in costs, improvement in quality, increase in income and enhanced opportunities for livelihoods.
  • To work with like-minded institutions for transformation of rural India.

Our Services

Agro ICT

IFFCO Kisan addresses several issues faced by farmers by using State of Art ICT Services and provides localised tailor-made solutions, free of cost to the farmers.

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Call Centre

IFFCO Kisan is managing different domain based Call Centre with the help of dedicated team of Experts providing solutions to both rural and urban consumers for their day to day problems.

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Urban Gardening

IFFCO Kisan is serving the urban population kitchen/terrace garden needs through its Agriculture ICT services by providing them customised solution as per their requirements.

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Software Solution

IFFCO Kisan provides customised software solutions for Human Capital Management, HRMS and Payroll to effectively engage, manage and monitor employee in an organization.

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Commodity Services

IFFCO Kisan through its commodity services is helping farmers’ organizations in marketing their produce to national and international markets.

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Rural Distribution Services

IFFCO Kisan through its rural distribution services aims to make easy availability of different product and services like Fertilisers, Pesticides, insurance services etc to the farmer.

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Dr. Anil

On your suggestion, I sowed various plants in my kitchen garden. I am now a proud gardener and I am getting fresh veggies almost every day. Thanks again.

Jodhpur Resident

First I thank you for your quick reply to all my queries which I have been posting time to time. Regarding your advice to use humic acid for plant growth please reply what is humic acid and in what proportion it should be used and the time interval to use in plants also how to apply this on plants?

Chang Dev

I wanted to know about the control measure for leaf blight disease in pomegranate. IFFCO Kisan suggested some measures which the production by 420 kg per acre.


Your treatment for rotting and foul smelling potatoes helped me save produce worth Rs 1.7 lakhs.


I received a voice message from IKSL saying that there is a chance of heavy rain in the coming 4-5 days. They advised to cover the harvested crop by a polythene sheet which saved me from a damage of Rs 64k.


I am a novice gardener and was very happy to see your app. While going through your app I realized you have mentioned about soil PH value. How do I know it? Also I used to put peels of vegetables and fruits in the container of plants and cover it with soil. Is it a good method for composting?


I observed very slow growth of betel vine and on your recommendation I spread the suggested mixture and the increase in production was 700 kgs per acre.