Cattle Feed

IFFCO Kisan launched its Cattle Feed with an objective to provide a quality product for improvised cattle health and better milk production. IFFCO Kisan Balanced Cattle Feed contains necessary proteins, minerals, and vitamins, helping grow and maintain cattle and increase milk production.It is manufactured with the best quality grains, brans, molasses, minerals, and vitamins, which is highly palatable to the animals and helps maintain their overall health. Regular consumption of our cattle feed, increases the milk's density and quality, which further produces more butter and fat content in the milk. It is a balanced mixture of protein mineral vitamins, calcium carbohydrate fats as per animal requirement, prepared according to the National Dairy Development Board's guidelines. Boosts the animal's immunity, improves their digestive system, keeps the cattle safe from illness and infertility issues.

It also helps in the calves' growth as it is a balanced source of essential nutrients. Hence they become young and reproducible on time. Having an appropriate amount of phosphorus and calcium, our balanced cattle Feed reduces the risk of diseases like milk fever and prolapse (body appearance) in cattle. Right, timely, and continued intake of balanced feed by the cattle helps cow/buffalo feed milk for a more extended period.

Product Variants

Agro ICT Services

Green Sim

Green Sim cards are enabled with value-added service by IFFCO Kisan where we offer three voice-based messages and one text message every day. The agro advisory services of IFFCO Kisan provide tailored voice and text messages of opted crops to the farmers, regularly customised on the geography and weather conditions. These advisories are sent in vernacular language and free of cost to the farmers possessing green sim card. This is an effort to empower farmers with relevant and timely information to increase their yield. Approximately 3 million farmers avail of this service on a pan India basis. Every voice message is 60 seconds duration. Farmers are open to ask any query related to agriculture, animal husbandry, weather, market rates, education, health, Govt. schemes, etc. Every answer is tailored as per the farmer's location and answered by experts. Samadhan service is an alternate to avail the agro advisory services by IFFCO Kisan if one does not possess a Green Sim Card. Samadhan services are of great help with its premium and additional features for excellent crop yield.

Free Voice Message

Free Voice Message for rural Subscribers


Dedicated helpline for query resolution by Experts

Call Back Facility

Free Voice Message for rural Subscribers

Focused Communities

Free Voice Message for rural Subscribers

Other Programmes through Mobile Phone

Mobile quizzes, Phone In programmes for expert advice

IFFCO Kisan Agriculture Mobile App

IFFCO Kisan Agriculture Mobile Application is a boon to farmers. It is available both for iOS and Android users. Through this mobile application, you can access weather forecasts, market information, latest mandi rates, industry news/insights, customized advisories, etc. in 11 local Indian languages. Our agriculture experts take pride in providing all this truthful information.

Here's how this app is the best friend of farmer:

1. IFFCO Kisan Agriculture App provides the latest updates on weather, mandi rates, and local buyer and seller information.

2. The farmer can connect with our Agri expert directly and chat about their issues and get immediate Solution.

3. Farmers can also locate Crop wise Mandi within range of their GPS location.

4. The buyer-seller feature in the application helps in crop trading online. This feature also allows the farmer to buy machinery, seeds, fertilizer etc. from our listed sellers, on a single tap of finger.

5. Our application collates the latest news and information on Agriculture practices and government schemes, and only relevant news piece appears on your phone screen.

6. The innovative Agri chatbot resolves the problem on the go. The bot is regularly moderated by IFFCO Kisan’s agri-experts across the Country. This works both in Hindi and English and is integrated to multiple sources such as ‘IFFCO Kisan’s Agri-library’, ‘IMD- Weather’, ‘AGMARKNET – agri-market.

Download our mobile app today to reap the advantages!

Urban Gardening Solutions

MY URBAN GREENS brings the delight of farming and growing gardens in your residential office or commercial space to your table. Adapting green solutions brings a sustainable future for everyone. We belong to a generation where everyone wishes to have green thumbs. MY URBAN GREENS gives life to your dreams of gardening and growing your fresh, healthy food in your space, irrespective of the size. Transform your place into a serene green with a variety of options available. Based on your interest and space, MY URBAN GREENS helps you with vertical gardening, rooftop gardening, kitchen farming, plant gifting, as well as maintenance services. Our team of experts and highly skilled workforce are trying their best to do good for the people and planet. Their expertise in horticulture and the allied artistic design industry help you to build modern and local farms. Enhance your gardening services with the best of our services.

We offer services in the following major categories:

• Landscaping
• Vertical Garden(Natural Green Wall)
• Artificial Green Wall
• Rooftop Farming
• Terrace Gardening
• Kitchen Farming
• Plantation

Visit our stores in Nehru Place and Gurgaon.

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Call Centre Services

IFFCO Kisan's Call Centre Services (CCS) caters to multiple sectors including Agriculture, BFSI, Auto & Manufacturing, Retail, E-commerce and more. Our trained professional team has been handling projects including Inbound and Outbound processes, Back Office, FOS, Email, Video Chat etc.

CCS vertical is ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified and is engaging with more than 8 million customers per year in more than 22 languages. IFFCO Kisan manages Kisan Call Center service on behalf of the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation (DAC), Ministry of Agriculture (MOA). Farmers across the nation are open to clear their queries by calling to toll-free number 1800 180 1551. Senior Agricultural Experts and other 600 Farm Tele Advisors (Agriculture Graduates/ Postgraduates) working at 21 locations address the farmer's queries and help them with customised solutions on a daily basis. our Clientele includes:

• Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, GoI
• Ministry of Consumer Affairs
• Consumer Affairs Department, Govt of West Bengal
• Sonalika Tractors
• Livserv
• IFFCO Tokio General Insurance
• Samunnati

Our clients

Farmer Aggregation Services

IFFCO Kisan Suvidha Limited (Formerly IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Limited) with support of Nodal Agencies (NABARD, SFAC and NCDC) works towards hand holding and empowerment of existing farmer clubs to become FPOs. After the potential identification of a targetted farmer club/Farm, IFFCO Kisan helps in FPO formation, Promotion, Strengthening as well as facilitation until total handholding. To extend additional support to FPOs, we also help them set up processing units, create business models, develop a system of Administration, Accounting, Auditing, Secretarial Services, Legal Licences, etc.

To strengthen the FPO and promote its growth, Farmer mobilisation programmes are run regularly. Associated farmers are given timely training, and regular expert meetings with farmers on the field are organised. As a part of business promotion IFFCO Kisan also helps to link FPOs with buyers (Forward linking) to ensure maximum returns for their produce. We facilitate market linkages through our mobile app as well. At Current we are Facilitating over 600 Farmer clubs and 60 FPOs helping them to grow ‘SAFER’, ‘Minimal Residual Level’ crops through ‘Good Agri Practices’.


IFFCO Kisan is working to empower the farmers for more than a decade. We work with cooperatives and FPOs who strive to improve farmers yield for the nation's development. Under Swarnahar, IFFCO Kisan has launched its range of Spices and Honey. Swarnahar products are unadulterated and trusted for their premium quality. All the products are processed by a "state of the art" processing facility in association with Erode Agricultural Producers Co-operative marketing society.

IFFCO Kisan SWARNAHAR provides top-notch products to consumers by sourcing raw materials from farmer cooperatives. Every SWARNAHAR product is geared to peerless quality.


The premium quality spices under SWARNAHAR brand include Turmeric Powder, Coriander Powder, Red Chilli Powder, Sambhar Masala, Chicken Masala, Mutton Masala, Garam Masala, Sabji Masala, and whole Cumin. IFFCO Kisan relies on the latest techniques to pound the fresh spices and maintain the aroma and the freshness of the products. We bring the goodness of the crops packed to your houses without compromising on quality and taste.


Swarnahar Honey is 100% pure natural honey with no artificial colouring and preservatives. Our honey complies with FSSAI standards for Honey, Swarnahar honey is a healthy and easy substitute for your everyday Sugar intake.

Honey has multiple health benefits, it helps in weight management, it is a good source of antioxidants and has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which help in healing wounds and curing skin allergies. Consuming honey also helps in cough and sore throat.


IFFCO Kisan provides customised software solutions for Human Capital Management, HRMS and Payroll to effectively engage, manage and monitor employee in an organization.

Am-Pro offers customised solutions to monitor and track manpower, end to end recruitment and exit solutions, leave and tour management solutions, employee engagement, LMS and all other HR solutions through a web portal and mobile application.

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