Free Voice Message

Through the Green SIM Card, every day, up to four free voice messages are delivered to the Subscribers. Each such voice message is of one-minute duration and cover contextual alerts and advisories on diverse subjects like soil management, weather forecasts, weather based agro-advisory, crop management, plant protection, market rates, dairy and animal husbandry. Information of general use on health, employment, education, women empowerment, financial inclusion, awareness of climate change and Government schemes are also provided. These voice messages are prepared by experts on subjects of immediate interest to the rural Subscribers. Market rates and weather information at district-level is also given as text message. The endeavour is to empower rural subscribers, particularly farmers, with latest information for informed decision making.


The subscribers of Green SIM Card of IFFCO Kisan have the privilege of access to a dedicated Helpline service, which has the potential to become a rural lifeline through a 6 digit number 534351. Farmers can get a solution to their problems, queries by using this short code. Experienced professionals are accessible on this helpline, who provide solutions to farmers. Where required, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are taken on conference call to provide a satisfactory resolution to queries.

Call Back Facility

Every day up to four voice messages are delivered to people who possess Green Sim Cards, on their mobile phones free of cost. These messages are based on the area of interest of the people and are recorded in the local languages. However, for those subscribers, who could not receive the voice message call or have missed a voice message, a facility is available to call a short code (534359) which provides for listening to the messages again. This facility is available for listening to the same days’ alerts and advisories any time during that day.

Other Programmes through Mobile Phone

Apart from the free voice messages and helpline, IFFCO Kisan organizes live phone-in-program on specific subjects of interest to farmers. In these 'Phone In' programmes, subject matter specialists join IFFCO Kisan's officials at one place for redressal of specific issues of the caller, provide clarifications, etc. The Helpline number used by farmers is also used for these programmes. Mobile based quizzes are organized to sharpen the knowledge levels of subscribers and attractive gifts are provided to winners. Mobile based quizzes also help to encourage subscriber participation in IFFCO Kisan activities.

Focused Communities

To further improve the effectiveness of its services, IFFCO Kisan promotes Focused Communities / Groups with common interest - such as Sheep and Goat Rearing, Dairy, Fisheries, etc. This provides an opportunity to extend more focused services to the Community members. IFFCO Kisan offers an opportunity to like-minded Organizations to effectively communicate with their farmer/customer base through IFFCO Kisan's Green SIM card platform. Here, the partner organization is empowered to customize the content of 1 or 2 of the total 4 daily messages disseminated through Green SIM. IFFCO Kisan has already successfully promoted several communities with partners with refined services to meet the specific requirements of the community. Several partners are benefitting immensely with a continuous and economical means of engagement with their members / customers and strengthen their bond with their organization.

State-wise break-up of Communities receiving separate content is placed below

State Number of Communities
Andhra Pradesh 18
Bihar 7
Haryana 5
Himachal Pradesh 2
Jharkhand 3
Karnataka 5
Kerala 3
Maharashtra 2
Madhya Pradesh 2
Odisha 4
Punjab 6
Rajasthan 4
Tamil Nadu 9
UP East 2
UP West 1
West Bengal 2
Total 75